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  .      For many Years LMG Railings has given you the final touch for the front and rear entrances of you home with beautiful Aluminum and Iron Railings.  
Now we are here to hep you to decorate your WALLS, DINNER TABLE, LIVING ROOM AND BEDROOM with gorgeous hand made IRON CANDLE HOLDERS,
why pay more at retail stores when you can buy them directly from us for reasonable price?    give us a call for more learn about our new products:

  Candleholders036.JPG      Candleholders041.JPG     Candleholders002.JPG
                         Mini Man                                                                 Flowers                                                                         Basket
                     Size (131/4" x 151/4")                                                                                          Size (14 " x  6")                                                                                                      Size (19" x 63/4")

   SAM_0162.JPG     SAM_0166.JPG     SAM_0170_Converted.JPG 
                            Heart                                                                             S Scroll                                                              Diamond
                      Size (111/2" x 7")                                                                                               Size (14" x 61/2")                                                                                     Size (25"x 51/2: )

SAM_0172.JPG     SAM_0171.JPG    SAM_0159.JPG
             Mom Old Bicle                                          Kid Old Bycle                                                Dad Old Bicle
          Size (121/2" x 18")                                                          Size (101/2" x 16")                                                             Size (151/2" x 20")

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